HowTo: projectM visualization + mp3 = video for YouTube

projectM (or its Windows-only predecessor, Milkdrop) can be used to make interesting visualizations for your music. Want to put your music on YouTube? You need to supply a video to accompany it. A projectM visualization makes an interesting and relatively easy accompaniment — far better than the typical static “picture of a CD cover” that […]

Android or iPhone Development?

Which platform should I target first? iPhone, for now, though it’s close. Android cannot (yet) provide the same level of developer tools or paying user base, the Android emulator can’t handle graphics, and I already own an iPhone. I do expect that Android’s competitive position will improve significantly over the next few years, but it’s not there yet.

Kartik Athreya: Leave It to the “Experts”? Seriously??

Kartik Athreya’s article deriding the unwashed, mouth-breathing public for presumptuously daring to have an opinion about his area of expertise is making the rounds, predictably being slammed by those of us with the audacity to hold an opinion about some subject in which we lack a PhD. I list reasons why professional “expert” economists are […]

Lazy-spy: Clojure logging/spy for lazy sequences

Clojure.contrib’s log/spy macro does not realize the contents of lazy sequences by default when logging, as they might be infinitely long. If you’re sure that your lazy sequence is finite, you can use this lazy-spy macro to force it to be realized when it’s logged, so that you can inspect the contents.

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Flash BIOS Without a Floppy

Flashing the BIOS without a floppy drive can be done with an Ultimate Boot CD (free!) and a USB memory stick. BIOS upgrades usually come in the form of an MS-DOS executable meant to be run from a bootable floppy, but modern computers don’t usually have floppy drives anymore, and who has a copy of […]