Why is NATO in Libya? Data-based analysis of whether it’s just an oil grab.

Why is the US involved in Libya today? Why is NATO there? Why aren’t they doing more or less (depending on your politics) than they are? Is the whole thing yet another evil imperialist plot to make the white man rich by seizing the Other’s oil? Let’s look at some hard data and see what we can figure out.

Goldman’s Blankfein before Congress

And it came to pass, that Goldman’s then-chief overlord was order’d to parade full 7 days and 7 nights through the streets of lower Manhattan, clad in naught save his drawers, bearing tether’d to heavy chains every SEC filing that Goldman hath wrought for 10 years previous; while the peasants of the borough were to […]

Constructivist Errors in Taiwan-China Analysis: a Case Study

I just read “A Constructivist Take on the Strait” by Max Tsung-Chi Yu. The information on Taiwanese internal politics with regard to China and of the various nations’ stances towards growing Chinese power was interesting and informative. What I disliked was the explicitly intersubjective analysis of the “One China, different interpretations” declaration. Intersubjectivity and notions […]