Stop Calling Your Tests “Stories”

Stop calling your tests “stories.” Really. They’re not “stories”. They’re tests. They don’t tuck you into bed with a glass of warm milk and a nice fairytale to dream about; they assert that certain things should happen and complain when they don’t, in a purely mechanical and precise way. We’re programming computers, machines of pure […]

HowTo: projectM visualization + mp3 = video for YouTube

projectM (or its Windows-only predecessor, Milkdrop) can be used to make interesting visualizations for your music. Want to put your music on YouTube? You need to supply a video to accompany it. A projectM visualization makes an interesting and relatively easy accompaniment — far better than the typical static “picture of a CD cover” that […]

Android or iPhone Development?

Which platform should I target first? iPhone, for now, though it’s close. Android cannot (yet) provide the same level of developer tools or paying user base, the Android emulator can’t handle graphics, and I already own an iPhone. I do expect that Android’s competitive position will improve significantly over the next few years, but it’s not there yet.